Give your show a makeover

The Salon

Becoming a worldclass performer is not easy. It takes truckloads of self-belief, dedication and practice. And sometimes it simply hurts...not just in your body.

The Show Salon can help you:


  • Become a better performer
  • Develop new material
  • Develop better material
  • Structure your act
  • Develop your own style
  • Develop a character/persona
  • Develop rhythm, timing, pace
  • Learn crowdbuilding techniques


  • Learn how to sell your act
  • Get booked
  • Get paid
  • Get an agent
  • Create better promo material
  • Develop your marketing
  • Create great props/costumes
  • Write great hat lines

Give your show a makeover


Whether you perform on stage, on the street, in a circus tent or in a cruise ship
The Show Salon can accompany you through the inevitable pain of creating an act,
selling your act and becoming a better performer.



Let's talk through your ideas (or develop new ones) online via web video. Our first meeting is free. If you like it, book more. This is a great way to... More info

Face to face

Face to Face

Come and rehearse in the charming town of Freiburg in Southern Germany. We’ll arrange a local studio space and can recommend accommodation. More info...

On tour

On Tour

Are you looking for a face-to-face connection, but can't come to Germany? Connect with our founder Julian while he's on tour. More info...

Give your show a makeover

What people are saying

"Julian Bell is a wonderful director with a great vision for both helping an artist retain their own personal style while making it possible for them to reach their audiences effectively. Highly recommended as a director! Can't wait to work with you again!" Kate Mior (Canada)

“Your tips were very helpful ! :) …you gave me a great input!!! thank you.” - Pina Polar (Poland)

"...It was a pure pleasure to work with Julian. With a great sensitivity he created the absolute best from my ideas and wishes. The final result is impressive. Julian is a competent, professional and incredibly sympathetic coach for all professionals in theatre and street theatre… " - Sabine Maringer aka Bella Etage (Austria)

Give your show a makeover

Our Story

The Show Salon was founded out of a love of making theatre

The Show Salon's founder, Julian Bell has been passionately involved as a performer and creator of theatre, comedy and circus for the last 14 years. Starting as a humble juggler that nobody really watched, he has constantly evolved and has gone on to perform in over 20 countries.

Best known as the creator of Ernest the Magnifico - Australia’s Favourite Daredevil, Julian has a keenly developed understanding of character development and character comedy as well as an ability to create well structured, dynamic routines.

Trained in clown, circus and physical theatre, Julian has appeared on the streets, in festivals, in theatres and on radio and television. He has run off to join the circus, performed with Opera Australia in the Sydney Opera House and has even been seen performing on the side of a skyscraper with Legs on the Wall.

Since 2012 Julian has lived in Freiburg, Germany where he recently founded an independent theatre group Firlefanz Theater.

The Show Salon is the natural extension of Julian's passion for working creatively - both on his own theatre shows and in helping others with the creative development of their shows.

“Julian, a.k.a. Ernest the Magnifico is a full-blooded entertainer. A perfect example of a comic performer who thrills his audience with his loveable nature. Funny, spontaneous and unique, he is an absolute professional and on top of that a very charming fellow. I look forward to seeing him again."

- Christoph Sprecher, Aufgetischt St Gallen, Switzerland

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